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Boss Lady



To know what it means to become a Boss Lady you first have to understand what our Mission Statement is.


Mission Statement
We are a community of ordinary women doing EXTRAORDINARY things; coming together in three key areas (Fitness, Nutrition & Empowerment) to achieve our goals. We are able to help each other because we understand each other. We have similar backgrounds and can relate to each other’s struggles.

The Project is very unique.
First, we show women how to get started with a 30 day Challenge.
Then, we come together as a community to support their journey with our calendar of events, workout guides, support chat group and motivation.

We have an AMAZING Team of Boss Ladies!!
I TRULY think of our team as FAMILY! Working alongside such hard working, strong and driven women is something I will FOREVER be grateful forOur Boss Ladies are inspired to make a difference within their communities and are enthusiastic about sharing an opportunity we had no idea even existed! Through time we have put together a simple training system that will teach you everything you need to know, plus some. Boss Ladies who have followed our system have gone from earning supplemental income to replacing their full-time income with hard work and consistency.

The most important thing to know is that this is not a JOB. This is your BUSINESS. You decide the pace of your growth being able to bring your ideas and talents to the table! If you are ready to get started today, I can guide you step by step on getting started!


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