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The Boss Lady

Gery, The Founder


Having a child can be the most miraculous and life-changing moment of a woman’s life. I felt constant guilt for wanting to be “myself” again while I should have been basking in my blessings. I also felt guilty about wanting to focus on my fitness while I was juggling the stress of a newborn. If I was working out I felt bad about not being with him when he woke up or around when he wanted to eat. I also felt bad about wanting an hour to myself or a midday nap with no one in the bed beside me. But mostly, I felt guilty about wanting more from life when it appeared I already had so much. It’s not easy to be a mother. It’s even more difficult to be a mother who wants to be fit. But let’s face it: if you want to be an extraordinary mother, you also need to be good to yourself. In order to do this, you need to prioritize, plan, and prepare for everything and anything in your life and your family’s life. It takes a certain amount of balance and bravery to say “No, I will not settle for less. And yes, I will set higher expectations for myself because I deserve it!”

Becoming a mother is not the end of the world; it’s an opportunity to test the strength of the female form. Motherhood shouldn’t break you, and it can make you better. Don’t use pregnancy to remain overweight and out of shape.


I called some friends, told them what was happening and committed with them to make a change and not give up. We got excited, decided to begin & To lead by example because there is so many other women beautiful that doubt themselves and give up. I said I will make it happen because I deserve it. No ones perfect, but the idea is to have more good days than bad days. To stay consistent and keep moving forward no matter what! Its the best feeling. Being able to look in the mirror and say. “I did this. I got up everyday and made it happen. I feel great.” just knowing the fact that no one can, or could do it for you. YOU did this for YOU and now you are a role model to others. This starts the cycle of motivation… “IF she can do it, so can I…”